An so it begins. Bluegill buys a 1940 Ford Coupe

If I didn't know my buddy Koy (AKA: "Bluegill") better, I would say he'd lost his mind. Over the weekend he purchased the 1940 Ford Coupe shown in the photo at right. Sure, it looks OK for a 70 year old car, but this thing had been kept in a chicken coop with the rear end exposed to the elements since 1961!

Like I said, "If I didn't know Bluegill better..." but I do know Bluegill. He's the same man who added his own second story to his single story home, providing most of the labor himself. He's the same man who restored a 1954 Ford to 1950's street-racing ready condition; and he's the man who has bought and sold more 60's Mustangs than most people have owned toothbrushes!

So watch along with me as this car goes from basket case to gem, and perhaps we'll even learn why his Bride, Lisa puts up with him.

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