Finally an update! Bluegill has been busy.

 It's been moths and months since my broworker Bluegill has updated me on his progress on the 40 Ford; so imagine my excitement when I opened this email today.  I was interested in seeing what BG was going to do with that rear-end, and seeing the top pic says it all.  He performed a butt-ectomy. 

Cars well into the 1940's had regular maintenance issues that the driver's had to attend to on the fly.   This pic shows a little of the tool tray that Ford built into the trunk for the storage of these tools, and if you look at the before pictures you can see that Bluegill had to completely re-fabricate this tool tray.  BG is crazy talented. 

Bluegill says that he still has some final tweeking to do on the sheet metal, but all in all he's making great progress.

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